Caring for your KOKEDAMA-

Your New Kokedama is lovingly grown in Stillwater, MN. It is a compacted ball of soil, covered in live moss, and wrapped with string. Multiple Kokedama together are called a "string garden". KOKEDAMA is meant to be viewed at eye level, either  hanging or set on a flat dish.The plant you have generally likes 4-6 hours of sun for part of the day, either inside or out. Your Kokedama will let you know when it needs water; The ball will become very light weight and the plant may wilt slightly. When it's time to water, the easiest way is to dip the Kokedama in a bowl and allow it to soak. This should be expected every 7-10 days depending on how much sun it gets. "When I water, Will it drip?" Not necessarily. When you remove it from the water, give it a squeeze to wring out the water. It's ok, The plant won't mind. At this stage you can also re-shape it slightly to make it more round or give it a flat bottom.

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